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"City of Heavenly Fire"

So I’m reading “City of Heavenly Fire” currently, and all I can say is Jace wants to get into Clary’s pants so bad that he’ll burn her to bits with all that heavenly fire in his veins. ‘Scorched Clary’ on call!

Love <3

Maybe I’m overbearing,
Maybe I expect too much out of you.
I accept you as you are, yet
I’m afraid to see me more that I may not like.
I’ve been afraid before, and
I’ve overcome it.
Yes, I will continue to love you.
I love you.

So Frustrated, Mad, and Alone.

He’s just not there enough for me.
I’m loving, I’m supportive, I’m forgiving and I’m always there to be counted on, but he’s not always there for me like I am for him.
He’s far, yet he doesn’t do all he could do.
I’m always on the sidelines waiting, but I just have a feeling that I will never be cherished like I should.
It just feels like I’m wasting my time now…